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An amazing lawyer and person who puts the client first. She is one of the most compassionate people you were ever meet. Top notch service and person. Thank you, Maria, for protecting my businesses and family!

James Kruspe

Profit Solutions Group

Maria is hard working, knowledgeable, and honest. She is someone that you know will be working for your best interest. Highly recommended.

Landon Taylor

Georgetown Family Chiropractic

I would highly recommend Maria to anyone needing legal help. She has made the confusing and frustrating legal process more manageable. She is consistent, persistent, knowledgeable and understanding. Most importantly, she is kind and trustworthy. I appreciate her availability and willingness to listen to my needs and concerns. Maria is an excellent attorney.

Lisa Mullikin

Great experience working with Maria. She cares about her clients and is very straightforward and honest in helping you achieve your desired results. I would definitely recommend!

Joshua Becker

This is the lawyer you want representing you! I own a remodeling business. In my profession, there’s no way of getting around a client that decides to not pay and without reason. Maria was able to collect several thousand dollars from the 2 clients I’ve had that tried to go this route. She is persistent, honest, and guided me through the collection process. I’m happy to say that both instances were handled outside of the courtroom. Thank you for everything you do! I feel protected and am glad to have you “tell it like it is” while representing my business!

Dennis Glover

Tile Perfection