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Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati Small Business Lawyers, representing small businesses of all sorts.

Small businesses run into many legal issues. Walker Ante Law has the experience and expertise to be your legal guide and advocate. Focus on your business mission, and let our lawyers handle your legal needs. We specialize in Entity Formation, Operating Agreements, Contract Drafting and Review, Business Disputes, Employment Contracts, Litigation, and more.

NKY Business Law Attorneys

Our small business services cover a broad range of activities. From organizing and reorganizing entities, drafting internal company documents, drafting external company contracts for use with their customers/clients and vendors, to document review, writing letters, legal research, and civil litigation in many instances. We also provide a unique business retainer plan for businesses of varying sizes and across many industries.

Having a retained attorney means that the attorney is familiar with your business and can more easily respond appropriately in legal matters. You have more input into the amount and style of legal services you receive in the ongoing attorney/client relationship. You have more access to legal input during the everyday operation of your business. It is not necessary to hire a new attorney or start a new billing procedure every time questions of law arise. Many ordinary functions are included in the price of the plan. Things such as consultations on business matters, phone calls, letters in the ordinary course of business, and access to customized form documents are included in the plan. Furthermore, in the event of a contested matter, a retained attorney is more familiar with the history of the company and its transactions and will be able to work up a smooth transition to the dispute resolution process.

Experienced Small Business Lawyers

Starting and managing a small business is no small feat. You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Walker Ante Law’s small business lawyers have experience in representing small businesses just like yours. We’ll help you set things up right, make sure you’re protected, and much more. Contact Walker Ante Law today to set up a free consultation with one of our small business attorneys, we offer small business legal services in Florence Kentucky and beyond.

Walker Ante Law are Northern Kentucky Small Business Lawyers and Attorneys that care and have the experience and expertise to handle any small business legal issue or need in Northern Kentucky, and Greater Cincinnati.

We offer small business legal services in Florence, Erlanger, Ft. Mitchell, Union, Burlington, Hebron, Independence, Walton, Covington, Kenton County, Latonia, Crescent Springs, Lakeside Park, Villa Hills, Elsmere, Crestview Hills, Petersburg, Newport, Campbell County, Morning View, Fort Thomas, Bellevue, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Southeast Ohio, Northern Kentucky, Boone County, Pendelton County, Butler County, and Warren County.

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